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Little Red

Little Red

SKU: P21019

Original oil painting on acid free primed oil painting paper

19.5 x 25.5cm

Sold unframed

International shipping is also available, please contact me with your postal address for a quote. 


I've always loved red squirrels, and this painting was a delight to create, capturing those beautiful alert features, agile paws and fluffy tail.  I was looking to bring a gentle feel to this piece, with soft evening light, inviting us to take a moment and appreciate the beauty of our one of our rarest species.


Red squirrels are native to the UK, having lived here for around 10,000 years.  Although they can now only be found in certain areas of the UK, in wilder and more remote places, there are amazing people working to protect these gentle creatures.  Projects run by the Wildlife Trusts, and the Red Squirrel Survival Trust, give hope that these beautiful animals can still have a future in the UK. 


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