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Original oil painting on acid free primed oil painting paper

32.5 x 25.5cm

Sold unframed 

International shipping is also available, please contact me with your postal address for a quote.


This beautiful Chaffinch is the second of the larger pieces in my 'Out of the Dark' collection.


This series is all about celebrating our wildlife, and particularly our much loved garden birds, which played such an important role in helping so many of us through the darker times of the last few years.  

Now it is time for us to help in return. 

In just the last 50 years, which for many of us is within our own lifetime, over half of the wildlife on this planet has disappeared.  Although many of the birds I'm portraying are still on the green list for conservation, how long will they stay safe if we continue on this path?  Their habitats are disappearing, and we need to act quickly and decisively to save what remains of our natural world. 

Charities such as Rewilding Britain are working hard to try and turn this around, reconnecting people with the natural world, sustaining communities, tackling the climate emergency and the extinction crisis, and working to ensure a future where we can thrive alongside our wildlife.

To help raise funds and awareness for this incredible work, I will be donating 50% from the sale of this collection of original paintings to Rewilding Britain.  It is my sincere hope that, with our renewed appreciation for our wildlife and natural surroundings, we can in turn help these animals from their own impending darkness, working to protect our countryside, bringing more of the natural environment back and ensuring our wildlife, and therefore ourselves, have a home we can thrive in.


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