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Landscape Painting Classes

Come and create your own artwork in the beautiful Cornish Countryside

I've teamed up with Enchanted Valley Yurts to offer painting workshops in their wonderful fully equipped art studio, set in the inspiring natural surroundings of Tregrove Farm, Lanreath. 


This is such an exciting opportunity to spend the day immersed in the Cornish countryside, while learning the fundamentals of painting, and creating your very own landscape to take home with you!



Laura Jefferson Art

Growing up in the Sussex countryside, I have always been happiest immersed in the natural world, and taking time to understand the other species we share our planet with, both domestic and wild. 

As I’ve progressed as an artist, my work has naturally centred around these themes.  I’m constantly in awe of the beauty of the natural landscapes around us, and always keen to share this experience through my art.  

My greatest joy, however, is celebrating the animal world.  Usually working with oils or acrylics, I attempt to highlight the profound impact animals can have on us. Overall, I hope to deepen our understanding of the individual nature and personality of each subject I paint.


Most Recent Original Artwork

Original Oil Paintings Celebrating UK Wildlife

I'm completely inspired by the natural world around us, and most importantly the wildlife we share our planet with always draws my attention!  My aim is to try and capture the individual characteristics of my chosen subject; their beauty, quirks and personalities. Discover more of my artwork and inspiration, including my most recent series, 'Out of the Dark'...

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